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Why Is Bayern VS Real Madrid 22/23 UCL Final A Legit Prediction of Top Football Tips Betting Site

With so much going on in the football world, it was almost impossible to tell how the 2022/23 season is going to end. But after spending one month of the international break, many clubs and players are facing a tough start to the year 2023. While Chelsea FC seems to struggle with Graham Potter's tactic, Liverpool meanwhile are going through their worst nightmares. And this anyway makes most of the top football tips betting sites believe Real Madrid will face Bayern in the upcoming UCL finals. Why? Let’s find that out in detail.

5 Reasons Why Top Football Tips Betting Sites Predict Real Madrid Will Face Bayern In UCL final

Bayern Munich’s Strong Team

Currently, the strongest team in the 22/23 edition Champions League is Bayern Munich. And no wonder the recent inclinations like Matthijs de Ligt, Sadio Mané, and João Cancelo, would be boosters for them to get nearer to the 22/23 finals. When you think Manuel Neuer’s injury can drop Bayern down, they signed Yann Sommer, one of the best GKs to fill his boots. So this explains why top football tips betting platforms think Bayern is a finalist of UCL.

Team Spirit Of Real Madrid

Real Madrid might be struggling a bit this season, but this doesn't make them any less of a UCL contender. And if you ask why it's because of their team spirit. There is no way a team would get an easy pass through facing the Spanish giant. Players like Carvajal, Militão, and Vinicious Jr are fighters to run, score and defend till their last breath. That's why many football pundits predict, Madrid will reach the UCL final this year once again.

Carlo Ancelotti

Team spirit can be a key factor for Real Madrid but the reason why top football tips betting sites see them in the final is for this man. The name Carlo Ancelotti itself stands for the legacy of UCLs any coach or manager can ever earn. And he is simply trying to make his 5th UCL title in this 22/23 season. With vital pep talks and strategies, he gradually made players ready for forthcoming challenges.

PSG Do Or Die Situation

The only team other than Bayern Munich and Real Madrid that can win this year's UEFA Champions League is PSG. Though Manchester City is not the team to underestimate, they don’t seem not as compact as PSG this season. However, PSG ended up facing Bayern Munich in Round-Of-16 making them less favourite to go through. And after two to nil defeats in the first leg, comeback is the only option for PSG to prove everyone wrong.

League Toppers Are In UEL

It might be the very first time in football history that table toppers of the home league are most in the UEFA Europa league. Since both Arsenal FC and Manchester United finished 5 and 6 respectively and FC Barcelona failed to qualify group stage they are all in the UEL despite being in their best form after years. And it's no surprise that a competition loses its competitive value when it lacks good teams in it. Hence, it clears why top football tips betting portals assume Madrid and Bayern have good chances to meet in the final.

The way the 2022/23 UCL Round-Of-16 ended, there is no reason to deny the prediction of experts and top football tips betting websites. However, the match settling Round-Of-16 second leg is still yet to be hosted. So let's see if Real Madrid And Bayern Munich keep everything obvious or disappoint fans. And if you want to put your money on UCL fixtures subscribe to our professional football betting tips and win almost every bet. Also, read more blogs like football tipsters, football tips today, football tips for today, football tips betting, and tipster for betting tips in our blog section.


Why should I follow tipsters?

Professional tipsters are expert football analysts who deeply study players, coaches, managers, and clubs and provide betting suggestions. Learning the scoring method of football betting they aid you with the right picks and help you win.

What things should I follow while betting?

Betting is a risky profession! And you need to be smart to prevent severe loss. In this matter, you must follow a few things. Always remember to go for the small bets, start investing with a small amount, avoid favouritism, take it as a legit professional, and seek tipster help.

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