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Why Is Arsenal The Strongest Team in the EPL For Today Football Prediction World?

Despite being one of the best and oldest football clubs in the world, Arsenal spent many rough seasons before this 22/23 campaign. Ever since they clinched CL in the 2003/04 season they never made a good impact until this season. Though they seem to be shaky against Manchester City and Liverpool, they manage to create maximum wins over other contenders in the league. Now the question is, what made Arsenal strong this season? Well, today football prediction world might have the answer. Let's learn their thoughts in the following.

6 Reasons Arenal Is The Best Team In PL For Today Football Prediction World

Mikel Arteta

Ever since Arsene Wanger stepped down from the managerial position, Arsenal struggled to find the perfect boss for the team. Though Unai Emery and Fredrik Ljungberg were hired for the role, they never met expectations. And that's when CEO Vinai Venkatesham signed Mikel Arteta turning fortune for themselves. With smart tactics and experience, Arteta made Arsenal a midfield maestro. And mixing that bossy midfield with speedy wings he made the strongest team according to today football prediction world.

Number Of Quality Players

Winning trophies in modern football depends on prospective investments. A club has to put their money into players who can help them win. And Arsenal barely made any good investments for the past two decades until Arteta took things under his thumb. With players like Gabriel, Saliba, Jorginho, and Zinchenko Arsenal made their defence and midfield super strong. Arteta also made the bench strong with plays like Vieira, and Nketiah, making them one of the best in England.

Quick Passess In Final Third

Mikel Arteta spent over three years working with Pep Guardiola as an assistant coach. So there is no surprise from where those quick passes are coming in every Arsenal game. The passing ability of Ødegaard, Xaha, Jorginho, etc made many defences suffer multiple times. Interestingly, Arteta played Jesus as false 9 before he got injured, which made them a brilliant final third passer. This explains why Arsenal is a strong PL contender for today football prediction world.

Arsenal Full Backs

Side-back positions have been a major problem for Arsenal for many seasons. With the service of Cédric, Bellerín and Tavares, Arsenal wasn't thriving in both attack and defence. But the game changed when they signed Zinchenko from Manchester City with a £32M move. Signing this Ukrainian full-back made Arteta realise what he was missing all these years in his team. What helped him more was Bellerín's move to FC Barcelona gave him a chance to test White and Takehiro Tomiyasu in the RB position.

Signing of Jesus And Zinchenko

Signing of Jesus and Zinchenko is one of the best things that happened to Arsenal in many years. The inclination of these two young talents made today football prediction world say Arsenal is the best team this season. Besides, Jesus was nurtured by Arteta when he was City’s assistant coach. Pep Guardiola once in an interview said, there is no better pressing centre-forward than Gabrial Jesus in this modern football era. He is brilliant at creating space, which opens scoring chances for himself and his teammates.

Less Predictable

Position flexibility in attacking third is the main component of Spanish Tiki Taka. In such approaches, the central strikers are liberated to drop deep to collect the ball. And this creates space for wingers to fill the central striker position while a midfielder can utilize the flanks or vice versa. However, Arteta adapted this style from Pep and made Arsenal quick and unpredictable.

Arteta gave Jesus freedom to drop down in the central midfield dragging one or two opponents along making space for both Saka and Ødegaard upfront. Sometimes Jesus shifts the left flank rather than dropping mid to let Martinelli drop deep and open space for Saka in the box.

After years of failure, Arsenal seems very stable as one of the contenders of the Premier League in this 2022/23 season. With great strategies, Arteta made many players like Nketiah, Ødegaard, and Troassard consistent in their position, making them pickable for betting selection. And this comprehensively explains why today football prediction world thinks Arsenal is the best team in the league. But that doesn't mean any player from this team would increase your bet points. To make the right betting selection make sure to get our tips for football betting from our professional football tipsters. So follow our website to get blog updates on topics like professional football betting tips and the best football betting tips today.

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