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Football Tips For Today: Top 7 CDMs You Can Pin-Up For UCL & UEL Bets

Be it a football ground or selection step for a bet, defensive midfielders should be your first pick to make your team compact. If the midfield is the engine room of a football team, then CDMs are motors that maintain the balance of both attack and defense. And a team with better balance in both attack and defense earns more odds in betting competitions. So in football tips for today, we have decided to list the top 7 CDMs you can add to your selection for UCL fixtures.

List 7 CDMs We Hold in Football Tips For Today You Can Go For

7. Marco Verratti

The player who has been the heart of PSG's midfield for nearly a decade is Marco Verratti. Known for creative playmaking ability this Italian versatile midfielder is excellent for both holding and defensive tactics. Interestingly, PSG won almost every game when Verratti played in the first eleven. So don't forget to pin down Marco Verratti if you are betting on the PSG versus Bayern Munich game in the upcoming UCL round of 16 fixture.

6. N’Golo Kante

Do you know who was the most underrated player for France in the 2018 Russia World Cup winning campaign? N’Golo Kante! While people were all over Mbappe, this Chelsea FC made a real difference in each game. Even in a London blue shirt, he is an important player Chelsea can’t afford to lose. So in football tips for today, N’Golo Kante is another CDM you must look for betting on UCL matches.

5. Sergio Busquets

If you are a football fan you definitely witnessed the legendary midfield trio of Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets. While Xavi retired and Iniesta is playing J-league, Busquests is still in the race of carrying Barcelona ahead. Though in this list we rank him the 5th best CDMs in the world, he was number 1 at one point in his career. And that is what makes him the perfect pick for UEL bets for FC Barcelona.

4. Frenkie De Jong

There is no perfect word other than “Fantastisch” to describe this young talent. This Dutch young gun is the soul of FC Barcelona's midfield. But with the change of bosses on Barcelona's bench line, he seems to play different roles other than CDM. But ever since Xavi took over the managerial position of FC Barcelona, Frankie got his role back. So in this edition of football tips for today, we would recommend you to go for either Busquets or De Jong if you are planning the BAR VS Man Utd game.

3. Rodri

Since Sergio Busquets is getting old and neither is in good form, it seems Spain got a perfect replacement for him. And that is Manchester City's young central defensive midfielder Rodri.

After Citizens signed Pep Guardiola as team manager in 2016, he faced issues putting the midfield together. But then in the 2018-19 season, they signed Rodi, who made pep strong in midfield. And that defines his importance for Citizens, and how crucial he can be for your betting selection.

2. Joshua Kimmich

The name of the second-best central defensive midfielder in this world is Joshua Kimmich. And this is not just another betting tip, but a fact any football fan would agree with. With his level of performance for both Bayern Munich and Germany national football teams, he took the midfield pivotal role to the next level. So no matter how many options you have, go for the German shoulder for your next Bayern UCL fixture.

1. Casemiro

Carlos Henrique Casimiro or “The Tank” is currently the world’s best central defensive midfielder you can put your money on. With 5 UCL in his name, this Brazilian veteran is best when it comes to a midfield pivotal role.

Primarily, he is admired for his incredible defending skills, but at the same time, he is a good creator and goal scorer. The goal against Switzerland in the World Cup 2022 Group Stage is real proof. And With his beast from Manchester United, it's impossible to exclude him while making betting selections for upcoming UEL fixtures.

To bet on football, you need better knowledge of players and clubs apart from knowledge of betting. And that's why we listed the top CDMs in the world above in these football tips for today. So call us to get Football tips betting daily. Read more blogs like football accumulator tip, football tips today, Football betting for today, Football Betting Tips Today, Football accumulator tips, and football tips today in our blog section.

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