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Top 8 Left Wingers in 2023 Who Features In Every Football Super Tips & Suggestion

Wings have been an important position in football forever. Utilizing that wide space along the sidelines many players and managers clinched trophies, creating history. And someone eventually emerges the best in that position era after era, continuing the legacy of this beautiful game. That’s why we decided to rank the top 8 left-wingers in this present era who always feature in almost every football super tips and suggestion. So follow this write-up till the end.

8 Left Wingers Discussed In Every Football Super Tips & Suggestions

8. Phil Foden

Philip Walter Foden is the name of the upcoming star in the football world who is considered to be one of the best wingers in modern football. Even since he held an outstanding world cup winning performance wearing an England shirt in the U17 FIFA World Cup hosted in India, he attracted the attention of many English and Germans clubs. Now spending amazing seasons with Manchester City, he is closer to becoming the best.

7. Gabriel Martinelli

It was 2019 when the Arsenal board went for a talent hunt in Sao Paulo, Brazil and came back to London with small and young Gabriel Martinelli. And within three years he became an important member of Arteta's side. Though he was recruited as a future centre forward for Arsenal, Arteta saw this 21 y/o lad’s ability to leverage the left wing. Now no wonder why he is discussed in football super tips and suggestions.

6. Heung Min Son

When the subject is left-wingers, there are no two Heung Min Son that can show you a legendary football show. It was 2015 when north London club Tottenham Hotspurs took the brightest star from the lands of South Korea. And the rest is being written in the history book of football. There is no single moment when this lad wasn't there for Tottenham. And with time this winger is about to become a Tottenham legend.

5. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Even a month ago, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia was an unpronounceable word for the football world. But his talent didn't take long to attract many eyes. It has been many years since the city of Naples touched the silverware, and the opportunity came back from the hands of this Georgian talent. With 9 goals and 9 assists this season, he is making wonders for Napoli. And this makes him hot topic for every football super tips and suggestion.

4. Rafael Leno

With the degrading form of Christiano Ronaldo and his age, Portugal was in real shortage of an outstanding forward. And that is when Rafael Leno joins the chat. Out of 100 decisions AC Milan made in the last decade, buying Rafae Leno was the best decision that changed their worst spell of this century. His presence in the forward line not only ended the Serie A title drought but also made them one of the contenders of UCL.

3. Sadio Mane

The name of one of the best left-wingers in modern football is Sadio Mane. This Senegalese superstar is also one of the fastest wingers in this modern generation. Admired for his amazing game sense and scoring ability, Sadio Mane was the trump card for Liverpool and is a trump card for Bayern Munich. So no wonder why Mane is an important discussion for football super tips.

2. Marcus Rashford

One of the most important players on Eric Ten Hag's side is Marcus Rashford. This tall, speedy left-wing forward played a key role to bring the glory back To Old Trafford. With 14 goals and 3 assists in 26 appearances, he is cooking big for Manchester united.

1. Vinicius Junior

There was a time when people thought Vinicius was another flop investment that could push Real Madrid down the edge. But this young Brazilian talent proved to everybody to be the second-best man for Real Madrid after Benzema in winning both La Liga and the Champions League. And with his indisputable form this season, it's not very late to see him filling the boots of Brazilian prince Neymar.

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